Refugee in Captivity

We all try and find ways to escape our problems because who likes to face those anyway? They happen far too often and they happen every single day—its takes too much effort to face them head on everyday. That’s what most people say. Little known fact though: the way you choose to escape your problems can often lead you to further captivity when you run. How? If you have an assignment due and its fairly difficult and every time you start it you end up getting a headache within the first 10 minutes of working so you decide to put it off and play a video game or spend hours on Twitter instead, guess what’s still due? Your assignment. Guess who is and will be responsible for the grade that is accomplished by putting off this assignment? You. And guess who won’t care about your excuses when you try and explain at the last minute how you’ve been having difficulty and hadn’t asked for help up until this point? You guessed it…your professor. Now even if you were having difficulty with said assignment, if you would’ve asked your professor for help early on I’m sure he or she would have been glad to help you and if you worked on it diligently one step at a time everyday by the time it was due you would have the freedom to play your video game or look at Twitter without feeling so much guilt. But instead we decide to run, not knowing that the very thing we are running to a lot of times ends up running us. We become a a refugee, but in the captivity of avoiding our issues and problems that still linger before us. The solution? Stop running. If you have to take things one small step at a time and ask for help along the way then do that, but don’t give up. God has given us a spirit of freedom that we can take wherever we go and in whatever we do. Use it your advantage and you won’t feel the need to run away from any problem.You’ll not only be able to face it, but to conquer it.